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I was dying to get my April Birchbox! After being at home for my second month, and having a Spa Sunday for 8 weeks in a row, I was in real need of a top up ๐Ÿ˜…

So, getting April’s box was kind of a big deal for me. And I’m excited that it did not disappoint! The theme for this month’s box is ‘One of A Kind’ and according to the box’s leaflet, is meant to be represent a celebration of individuality!

To celebrate our individual quirks, Birchbox have partnered with Anthropologie who are apparently the home of unique treasures.. So I guess not every month will have a super strong theme ๐Ÿ˜…(but I appreciate the effort!)

Let’s dive into the products!

KNDR Beauty, Mood Balm

This product is a lip balm with a twist. Aside from all the hydrating properties you’d expect from a lip balm, it is also meant to adjust to your unique pH to shift its colour to be the perfect hue for you. Here’s the colour of the lip balm, and what it looked like applied to my lips:

The balm definitely applied a light purplish colour to my lips, which I was pleased with because the bold colour of the lip balm was going to be way too strong for me if it applied as is.

But, to be honest, with this product I would definitely be happy to continue using it as a balm, but the ‘unique colour shifting properties’ are doing nothing for me. Its far too faint to really matter!

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Huygens, Infusion Blanche Purifying Face Wash

This purifying cleanser is appropriate for all skin types and is meant to be used at the end of the day to get rid of any last traces of dirt or makeup.

This is a welcome addition to my end of day cleansing routine (alongside the next product below!). Usually, I just use wipes to get the job done, but I’m looking forward to trying out adding this before bed to see if my skin feels any different.

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Brushworks, Silicone Cleansing Pad

I like when Birchbox pair complimentary products in a box that you can use together, and this silicone facial cleansing pad will go very nicely with the Huygens face wash above as a trial for a bedtime skin routine.

This pad has tiny bristles that both exfoliate your skin gently, and lift up makeup, dirt and other impurities to clean the day away. Using it feels a little tickly, and not abrasive at all – its kinda addictive actually!

It also features a little suction cup at the back so you can stick it to a bathroom wall if you’re looking for easy access.

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LAPCOS, Collagen Firming Sleeping Mask

LAPCOS is a Korean brand that creates high-performing masks that are packed with collagen and shea butter. Sounds dreamy.

I’m also personally obsessed with the aesthetics of this brand. All of their packaging is totally on point. I dream of having a walk-in spa with clear perspex shelving where I can display rows of these masks ๐Ÿคฃ

But back to the here and now – I really cannot wait to use this mask. It’s meant to be applied just before bed and rinsed off in the morning – the only thing I’m nervous of is being so wowed by it that I’ll need to spend ยฃยฃยฃ buying more ๐Ÿ˜…

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Percy & Reed, Eau My Goodness No-Fuss Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is not a phrase that usually fills me with joy. To be honest, over the years, I’ve heard mixed things about how they perform with curly hair. Also, when my hair needs a wash, it needs a wash, so I’ve never been particularly clear how dry shampoo could fit into that.

Reading the blurb on this travel-sized dry shampoo, turns out, its really just a way to spritz your hair in between real shampoos to give it a bit of a lift. The fact that it is travel-sized is also intriguing because those are the times that I often need a little spritz.

I’m adding this product to my travel bag and I look forward to trying it! ๐Ÿค—

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Thanks Birchbox for this April box, and continuing to save my Spa Sunday routine! Can’t wait to see what May’s box has in store!