This year, off the back of how much I loved my beauty advent calendar, I decided I was going to get a beauty box subscription. I heard some amazing things about Birchbox which promises to deliver 5 semi-personalised beauty treats every month.

The thing I was drawn to here was the personalisation aspect. On sign-up, you get to give Birchbox some idea of your beauty areas of concern (e.g. your typical skin or hair problems) as well as some info about you (what kind of hair, skintone you are for example), so that they can ensure your box is as appropriate for you as possible.

So, off I went and signed up! I’ll be updating here with what’s inside each box!

So the first thing to note about this box is that it was curated by Rochelle Humes. This doesn’t really mean much to me as I don’t follow her, but I did enjoy reading the little product blurbs from her because it felt like they were really picked by someone, versus just some faceless Birchbox editorial team.

So, in no particular order, here’s what Rochelle picked out!

Jade Roller, Melusine

Product link

Jade rollers have apparently been used for centuries before Instagram picked them up and made them explode. They are meant to be a quick-fix to help boost radiance and tighten pores, as well as improving elasticity and fine lines over the longer term.

All you gotta do is roll it across your forehead and under your cheekbones and jaw to ease stress at the end of a long day or reduce puffiness in the morning. The natural coolness of the jade feels amazing!

Thermal treatment wrap, Ikoo infusions

Product link

This product is essentially a sheet mask for your hair. It’s meant to help to heal damaged hair, soothe irritated scalps and seal those split ends.

It’s got a ton of natural ingredients packed into it like blueberry, blackberry and sea kelp extracts, which are meant to leave hair soft, silky and shiny.

Natural body lotion, Greenford Botanic

Product link

This is the perfect product for a January box, as the lotion is meant to nourish and hydrate dry, winter skin. The argan oil and other 85% natural ingredients are meant to intensively soften and hydrate for you for 48 hours.

Birchbox says that this product never leaves a sticky residue, which can be my pet peeve with body lotions in general, so I guess we’ll see how this one goes!

Hyaluronic Plumping Mist, Balance Me

Product link

The hydration theme continues! This mist from Balance Me has a fancy name, but essentially works by blending the slightly scary sounding hyaluronic acid (proven to help with hydrating and plumping) with soothing camomile water.

All you gotta do is spritz – either to revive your make-up or calm your complexion after too much sun – and this speedy shot of hydration will apparently leave you looking brighter and healthier.

I’m leaving this product for my holiday travel bag as I think its calming properties will help after those long days baking in the sun.

Glow milk, The Beauty Crop

Product link

Initially the word ‘milk’ here kinda put me off, I was like “what is this!”. But don’t worry, this is just fancy branding for liquid highlighter! It does what it says on the tin – creating that dewy glow in just a couple of simple steps.

I’m really looking forward to using these products over the month, as well as to receive my next box of goodies! 😀

Thanks Birchbox!