As I’ve mentioned before, I’m obsessed with candles and fragrances, particularly now more than ever, as we’re all spending so much time at home. So, when I saw an amazing Neom 50% off sale on Brand Alley, I was all over it!

Here’s what I got:

Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood, 4-wick scented candle

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This candle smells so INCREDIBLE! πŸ₯° The scent is called “Real Luxury” and all I can say is that it does smell like a really luxurious hotel πŸ˜…. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what the smell is though…

Aside from the smell, the candle looks really beautiful too, with an intricate handmade marbled design, and finished with 18 carat rose gold.

This candle is perfect for the living room, and my original plan was going to be that I place it in the display shelving that sits on either side of the fireplace.

Unfortunately, I was an idiot and didn’t properly look at measurements before I bought it. Turns out that the shelving cubby that I was planning on the candle living in is far too small to fit it in πŸ˜….

Sooo, time for the backup plan, which I’m still figuring out! Watch this space for where I end up putting it!

Sicilian Lemon and Basil, Reed Diffuser Set

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This scent is a blend of 24 pure essential oils, including sicilian lemon and basil, and is meant to send an invigorating and refreshing scent through the room.

This diffuser set was initially destined for the bedroom, as that room can get a bit stuffy.

It started life living on the window sill behind the bed, which I thought was the perfect place for it to go because now, when I get into bed, the gentle scents of lemon and basil could waft over me.

Now that its been there for a few days, I’m not entirely sure that this scent is right for the bedroom. I feel like it would be more appropriate for another room – perhaps a living space, study or kitchen πŸ€”

But! It’s early days and I’m giving it a good go, because the scent is delicious and I’m in love with the green, which goes well with my bedroom colour palette 😜

I also must mention that the marbled diffuser pot looks and feels luxe and definitely not out of place in any room that you might want to put it in.

Neroli, Mimosa & Lemon, Reed Diffuser Set

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I also purchased a second diffuser set, from the Happiness range. This is a blend of 7 essential oils, and is touted to uplift you and help you feel more positive.

Ugh, this one smells too good, it was all I could do not to dab some on my skin – disclaimer: probably not a good idea 🀣

This one, I’ve placed on the window sill in our living room.

Not only is the uplifting scent perfect for a living space, but its subtle pink shade goes really well there – I often have a bunch of pink hued flowers there that complement it nicely!

I’m incredibly happy with this haul! My eventual goal is that every room in my home has a distinct note that lifts you when you enter, and this haul will definitely help me on the way!

Thanks Neom!