Hi! I’m Yael!

And this is my little space on the Internet for me to share about the things I love, namely travelling to new places, playing with beauty products and exploring the best city in the world – London!

I called this blog No Small Plans because I believe that there is something beautiful in even the smallest things in life, from finding the best cinnamon bun I’ve ever tasted or smelling a new candle for the first time. This blog is dedicated to celebrating the smaller moments in life as well as the bigger ones, so that when I’m 80, I can look back at my full life, and relive everything all over again. (Assuming they still have the internet when I’m 80 πŸ˜…)

I write about things in a few main categories:

  • Beauty for Normals – I’m no supermodel, certainly no beauty guru (I don’t really understand how to contour…) and I’m basically just an average girl trying to look a bit prettier πŸ˜… I share things I pick up along the way if like me, you’re a little bored of seeing gorgeous semi-pro make-up artists on your TL
  • Exploring – I love to explore my city, London, and sharing about the eats and drinks I have along the way, as well as sharing about my travels further afield
  • At Home Life – As much as I go out, I also love to stay home πŸ˜…. I like to document and share the various ways I make my house a home

Aside from the blog, you can also find me on Instagram and on Twitter. Please say hello!