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Did you know March is my favourite month! Why? It’s my birthday month baby! 💕

Unfortunately, Birchbox didn’t quite get this memo, and has decided to dedicate this month’s box to the equally important International Women’s Day.

And by the way, how gorgeous is the box!?

Let’s dive into the products!

The Beauty Crop, Wing Woman Liquid Eyeliner

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I’m not super into eyeliner anymore. You’re much more likely to find me going for an all eyeshadow look. However, eyeliner is still definitely one of the staples of my makeup collection as you never know when you really want to turn up!

This is an eyeliner that markets itself as no flaking or smudging, and for the most part I’ve found this to be true. However, I didn’t find it super long-lasting either. So, prepare to reapply if you’re needing this to last a full day.

Daily Concepts, Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber

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This is already getting daily use as part of my shower routine, as I was already in the market for one of these and then like an angel from heaven, it just appeared in my Birchbox. How did they know!?

The clever thing about this little scrubber is that it has two sides – one that is much more textured than the other – so depending on your body part, you can just flip it over.

This particular scrubber isn’t meant to go particularly deep but I’ve found that its perfect for adding a quick scrub into your daily shower routine 😍

Number 4, Jour D’Automne Blow Dry Lotion

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I am yet to use this. As someone with thick, curly hair, I already have a pretty set hair routine using curl-specific products, and I’m just not sure that this product is for me.

However, having read up a bunch of comments online, I’m saving this product for those rare days that I might be inclined to straighten my hair as apparently its great for this scenario!

Forgive Me Suzie, Liquid Eyeshadow in Fairy Dust

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I’m a sucker for a gold eye, so this product was like catnip to me! It’s a metallic eyeshadow that touts itself as being a creamy lightweight formula for easy application.

I can confirm that this eyeshadow is really easy to apply, and just glides on with your fingers. The bit that didn’t quite work for me here was how blendable with other eyeshadows this is – I probably would in the future look to use this only when not creating looks that I’m adding lots of other colours to.

However, for a quick slick of gold, this product definitely has you covered!

Balance Me, Vitamin C Repair Serum

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OMG this product smells DELICIOUS – super fresh and lemony. I have been unable to resist putting it on daily purely for the lovely aroma on my face afterwards!

This serum is all about combating ageing (duh) but also is meant to work on reducing pigmentation and uneven skin tone. I don’t think I particularly suffer from either of those, but after daily use for a week now, I do feel like my skin looks more even in colour.

Considering a purchase of the full size bottle of this as it feels like a welcome addition to my daily skincare routine that I’m sad is coming to an end 🙁

Thanks Birchbox for my March box! And Happy International Women’s Day! 🥰