A special Ruby wedding celebration

Can you imagine being married for forty years to the love of your life? That’s the dream that my parents have lived, and I knew we needed to commemorate it in style.

Over the last few months, planning this party has basically consumed me. From figuring out how to keep it as a surprise for my parents, organising guest list, catering, decorations, managing the logistics of turning my house into a space to entertain 22 people.. oh and of course doing all this with the imminent, looming threat of covid hanging over our heads.

I’m so thankful though, that everything actually turned out perfectly! The main things for me were that my parents were surprised (tick!), that everyone had a great time (tick!) and that the people who meant most to my parent could be there (although we unfortunately had a couple of cancellations, I’m still saying this was a tick!)

I’m really pleased we were able to pull it off – it was so incredible to see how surprised and touched my parents were at all the people who had come together to celebrate their love.


The other cool thing about hosting this party by the way was that we got to see the full power of this house as an amazing entertaining spot. We used the lower ground floor as a ‘reception’ area – we had a bar set up, seating, and people were able to mingle there with canapes while we waited for my parents to arrive.

Once they arrived, we brought everyone up the stairs into the lounge / dining area where we had set up a sit-down meal for 22. Having both of these spaces was really great as it allowed much more flexibility for the event.


Here are some photos from the event!

By Yael

Hi, I'm Yael - pronounced Yah-Elle! Born in Brazil, live in North London, but my heart belongs anywhere tropical! I own a tiny stationery company called Little Goat Supplies, and I spend all my spare time dreaming of prints and colours! My other loves include eating good steaks, tasting rum cocktails and finding good skincare products!

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