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2021 State of the Union

What happened in 2021:

2021 was the year that I thought everything would finally get back to normal, given that the COVID vaccine was being distributed.

How wrong I was! Two vaccine doses later, plus a third booster, and the latest COVID wave is still running rampant, dictating how we all live.

There is no certainty anymore. The best we can do is make plans and hope for the best, plan for a lot of stress and execute on what is in our control. So that is what we did!

  • Continued to survive the global pandemic! Although we did finally get COVID. I still don’t fully have my sense of smell back so if I have one New Year’s wish, its to stay as healthy as possible in 2022.
  • Finally sold our flat and moved to our new house!
  • Began our home improvement journey. This has been a true highlight and bright spot of the year – and you’ll see that many of my life list items relate to this.
  • Managed to pull off two fantastic family celebrations this year! My parent’s 40th wedding anniversary was looooong in the making and even though Omicron tried its best, it wasn’t able to destroy all my plans. We also celebrated Zola’s first birthday in style and have continued to love her with all our hearts.
  • Adopted our gorgeous Bertie. We were and still remain completely devastated at his loss – he had instantly become part of our family and his loss broke my heart entirely. All I can hope for is that he is having the best time wherever he is, with unlimited chicken, snuggles and tummy rubs – his favourite thing ever.
Life list items completed:

Make something in a pottery class

Afternoon tea at The Langham

Afternoon tea at Fortnum + Mason

Sell the flat

Own a house

Renovate a kitchen from scratch

Renovate a bathroom from scratch

Create a walk-in wardrobe

Celebrate Zola’s first birthday in style

Celebrate parents 40th wedding anniversary in style

Adopt a doggie

Go back to Manchester for a weekend

✅ Host a Christmas

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