This is my first blog post, so I wanted to introduce myself and why I decided to start writing this blog.

First of all, hi!

Thats me – Yael – with the glasses, next to my partner-in-crime, Lu. We’ve been together for 3 and a half years now, and I’m still amazed at the faces she can pull in a photograph.

Okay, okay, here’s a slightly nicer one:

As a lesbian, Jewish couple, with ethnic roots from Brazil, Italy and Germany, the odds were firmly stacked against us ever meeting, let alone falling in love!

We actually met on Twitter, of all places, after Lu followed me and we had our very first ever conversation*, which is now recorded for all time:

(*don’t judge me, if I would have known this tweet would seal my fate forever, I probably would have taken a bit more care!)

Fast forward 3.5 years later, and we are now engaged! We have a little flat just outside London and our very own pet bonsai plant that I’ve named Stanley, who I don’t mind admitting to you is my pride and joy. In case you can’t tell, Stanley is the one on the left:

I work in central London as a designer and really enjoy everything creative. From graphic design to photography to interior design, I’m obsessed with finding beauty in the smallest details – whether its how a new piece of furniture looks in my home to taking a shot of a delicious looking meal.

After setting up an Instagram with some of my favourite shots of my home, travel experiences and exciting things I get to do around London, I realised that this wasn’t enough – I really needed an outlet to talk about it in a slightly longer form. So, this blog was born!

So, stick around here and you’ll find:

  • Food and events in London! We love to eat out and experience new things. I’ll be writing about and photographing some of the amazing foods we get to stuff our faces with and great things to do around London!
  • Travel! We’re lucky enough to visit some incredible places around the world. I’ll be showing you the best and worst bits!
  • Decor! I love organising my home and work space and refining my style.

Sound good? I’m really excited! Let’s do this!

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