Each month, take a peek inside my home to see what’s new!

It’s been a great month for adding home decor details to our flat, mostly thanks to a really lovely present from my girlfriend that she knew I’d had my eye on for a few months. Check this out:

This print combines my love for geometric shapes with my staunchly feminist ideology. You can’t really go wrong with a good inspirational quote! I’m still debating exactly where to put it but I think it’d go really well in the home office of my dreams!

PS: You can buy the exact same print here.

The gold accents in the geometric print tie in really well with another recent purchase – a trio of mini vases that I bought during a recent trip to one of my favourite home stores in the world, Illums Bolighus, the epitome of scandi cool.

Each vase has a slightly different configuration of gold bands, resulting in a really pleasing effect when they are positioned next to each other.

I love a mini vase because it gives you the option of spreading a bunch of flowers out further than usual – you have the main bunch in a big vase, but then you can remove a flower or two for your mini vase without any impact on your main bunch. You can then display your mini vase with flowers in a completely different room, giving the impression of flowers everywhere! Hey, this is the stuff of literal genius 😉

The next new detail is a very simple wooden rectangle with a line carved out of it, where you can place photos. I love showing off pictures of my loved ones in my home but I do get bored of frames – there are only so many different framed objects I can take in one room!

So this wooden block from Social Print Studio is perfect for me – a sleek, minimal and unfussy addition to a mantelpiece.

Finally, the last detail is actually somewhat homemade! We were recently in our local Hobbycraft and saw a selection of sandy-coloured wooden letters. We picked out our initials and an ampersand as well as some spray paint that leaves a really cool gold dapple effect once dried. When we got home, we spent a few giggly moments in our garden attempting to spray them without decimating our garden foliage. This was the final result:

Here’s a better shot so you can see the gold dapple effect that was produced solely by a can of spray paint:

I was really pleased with how these came out! Now, we just need to figure out where exactly they go…!

Over to you!

Tell me what you do with all the amazing knick knacks that you have in your home – where do they go and how do you decide where to put them? I need all the inspiration I can get!

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