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Our family bathroom renovation

One of the biggest rooms in need of renovation when we moved in to our new home was the family bathroom.

Whilst everything technically worked, we struggled with it aesthetically as well as functionally.

Here’s what we were working with:

The all-white look and those tiles were giving hospital vibes. We wanted to strip it back to a more cool, minimal vibe, and change some key things like remove the bath and replace with a walk-in shower, and to include a double sink.

This time, we didn’t rely on any designer except ourselves. We worked on configurations that we thought could work, and aside from some advice from our bathroom fitter and from the salesperson in Porcelanosa where we bought our fixtures and fittings, the vision for this bathroom came from us. I’m particularly proud of the transformation because of this!

The first step for the fitters was to gut the old bathroom – everything must go!

Once everything has been removed, the work started to construct the new carcass of our bathroom.

We had wanted to include inset shelving and an inset radiator which required our fitters to build out the walls a bit. They also had to plaster where the walls would be uncovered, as well as sort out all the key plumbing bits, aka make the right pipes end up in the right places!

This was all super cool to watch change from day to day as everything took shape:

Once the shape was in, the next step was for the tiler to do his thing. We had chosen two different tiles for the bathroom – one to cover the bulk of the walls and the floor, and a ‘feature tile’ to add a bit of interest to all of the inset areas as well as behind the sink + mirror.

Once all the tiles were in, it really looked like our bathroom was nearly there and it became so much easier to picture what we were creating.

After the tiles went on, it was time to finally get the fixtures and fittings on!

We had gone for a monochrome look with these – everything was white or black, with grey being reserved for the tiles.

Seeing pieces like the toilet, shower, sink actually finally go in was so great. By this time, it had been months and months since we picked everything out in the showroom, so it was great to be finally reminded about what we had chosen and to sensecheck that everything was actually going to go together as we wanted.

After everything had been hooked up and properly installed, it was time to get the details looking right! I had spent a bunch of time sourcing and choosing the little details that really make the space sing:

And with that, the bathroom was finished! I’m so proud of how this bathroom turned out, and the mega transformation that we were able to achieve.

Here are some pics of the space altogether:

Here’s to many years of enjoyment!

By Yael

Hi, I'm Yael - pronounced Yah-Elle! Born in Brazil, live in North London, but my heart belongs anywhere tropical! I own a tiny stationery company called Little Goat Supplies, and I spend all my spare time dreaming of prints and colours! My other loves include eating good steaks, tasting rum cocktails and finding good skincare products!

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