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Taking a Pottery class

As a designer who makes digital artifacts all day long, I’m always drawn hugely to making things with my hands, and so for me, doing pottery feels hugely aspirational and exciting. Whilst making something out of clay has been on my life list for the longest time, somehow I had never gotten round to it, until now!

I went with my work colleagues to Skandihus, a pottery studio located in Hackney, for a couple of hours of beginner pottery fun!

We had a dedicated instructor, and our own space (mask wearing was mandatory), and we each got our own little cubby to make our clay masterpieces!

We each started with a lump of clay, some tools and listened to a demo from our instructor, who ran through what we were going to be attempting: a simple bowl that we could customise however we wanted using the tools we had available.

We got to have two attempts at making a bowl with two separate pieces of clay, so that we could experiment with different techniques.

At the end of the two hours, we got to pick one of the two bowls we had created that was our favourite. This would be the bowl that would be glazed and fired, and that we would get to keep!

Unfortunately, that part of the process doesn’t happen on the day you are there, so our bowls went into a queue. I’m hoping we’ll get them back soon and I can share an update on what my final bowl looked like!

But for now, please enjoy some pictures on our final bowls ready to go into the kiln!

By Yael

Hi, I'm Yael - pronounced Yah-Elle! Born in Brazil, live in North London, but my heart belongs anywhere tropical! I own a tiny stationery company called Little Goat Supplies, and I spend all my spare time dreaming of prints and colours! My other loves include eating good steaks, tasting rum cocktails and finding good skincare products!

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