The Chiltern Firehouse has a reputation of being a bit of a celeb hotspot, and as with many places that have been frequented by celebs, I was worried that it would be overpriced for no real reason.

However, after hearing some good reviews from friends, we decided to put our prejudices aside and give it a go. We visited in November 2019, and there was already a bit of a festive feel in the air 🤗

We had the option of sitting at a proper table or to be seated at a tabletop bar that was directly attached to a chef’s station. We ended up picking the chef’s station because we thought it would be amazing to watch the chefs prep the food. (Spoiler alert: it was!)

This was the view from where we were sitting:

 I was actually really excited to be sitting at the tabletop bar. You were nicely spaced away from other diners so it still felt private and not hemmed in, and being able to watch all the chefs doing their thing really up close was actually really interesting and entertaining.

Choosing from the menu was difficult – everything sounded amazing! Here’s some things I tried:


On the left is scallops sashimi with blackberries – beautifully prepared. There was also plentiful bread and butter available that was so delicious you really had to stop yourself from eating more!


So I sampled two different main courses:

The first was pumpkin mac + cheese with black truffle chips, and the second was a beef fillet bordelaise with heritage carrots.

Both dishes were SO GOOD and even looking back at these pictures makes me feel hungry 😅


I am way more of a dessert person than a first course person so I was very happy that we got two different desserts to try.

We sampled the apple + blackberry crumble with vanilla ice-cream, and a chocolate tart with olive oil ice-cream. While both were yummy, my personal favourite was the crumble – the crumbly bits were done. to. perfection!

Scores on the doors

Food: 9/10 – everything was absolutely delicious, and it was cool to watch the chefs make our food right in front of us! Of course, the dishes are pricey but I think that the quality justifies it!

Service: 10/10 – everyone was super attentive, courteous, and bent backwards to fill our every need.

Ambience: 9/10 – Great buzz all round but you’re still far enough away from others to feel like you’re having a private meal.

Would I recommend? 100% – it’s a great experience and well deserves the buzz! We are looking forward to going back again!


Address: 1 Chiltern St, Marylebone, London W1U 7PA