This is post 3 of 4 that details our holiday in Mauritius, covering our review of Heritage Le Telfair. All posts on our Mauritius holiday are here.

After a few days in the jungle, it was finally time to get closer to the beach! We had a 2-week stay at our second hotel, the Heritage Le Telfair.

Personally, I couldn’t wait to get there. One of its biggest draws was that, aside from the promise of incredible comfort, luxury and service, it was situated right on the edge of the Indian Ocean, and I was incredibly excited about the prospect of waking up to the sound of the waves gently lapping at the shore. just moments from our bedroom.

Upon arrival

The Heritage Le Telfair has one of those entrances to a hotel that makes you literally take a sharp breath in.

Driving down a palm-tree lined driveway for what feels like ages, you finally get a glimpse of a breathtaking white structure at the end that, as you draw closer, you see is the absolutely beautiful hotel lobby.

Check-in was, as you could imagine, a very smooth process. We were directed to sit in plush seating, offered a deliciously fruity cocktail or soft drink, and a personal hotel representative came to talk us through our stay, give us all the right information, and walk us to our room.

Walking out of the lobby into the rest of the resort, the beauty of the Heritage Le Telfair hits you straight in the face! Check out the view you get on first entrance into the hotel! You get to have a clear line of sight all the way to the sea 😍, which just makes you all the more excited for the stay you’re about to experience!

For us, after a few days seeing the sea on the horizon but not getting to be near it, this view was all the sweeter.

The white covered path is actually a bridge that crosses a slow-moving river that winds through the resort, and is a beautiful place to stop off, cocktail in hand, as you look over the stunning view.

Our Room

We booked a Junior Suite Beach Front for our stay at Le Telfair, which clocks in at about 81 metres squared, and includes a bedroom, bathroom, indoor AND outdoor shower, and an indoor sitting area.

And thats just the inside bits… If you’re staying on the ground floor, the sea-front suite also comes with a sizeable outdoor veranda with seating area and a large garden that leads directly onto the beach! Yep, the sand was mere steps away from the bed – absolute dream! 😍

One thing I really did appreciate that was different from Lakaz Chamarel, perhaps because we were no longer in the jungly inner bits of Mauritius, was the reduction in animals and insects in our room.

Although, thats not to say you may not come across the occasional cheeky lizard…

The Resort

I cannot emphasise enough how beautiful the Heritage Le Telfair resort is, and how well-maintained and looked after it is. Everything was pristine, and showed a real care from the hotel in how everything was presented.

The grounds are pretty large – with many spacious rooms and suites mostly close to the beach and pool area. Then there are plentiful restaurants, bar and entertainment areas, a gym, spa and walks.

The resort also adjoins its sister hotel, the Heritage Awali, and the paths interconnect, so you’re able to freely wander around that resort as well. The Awali restaurant and bar areas are also available for your use, so it adds a lot more options onto the dining and entertainment available at the hotel.

Finally, there are a couple of other areas to the resort that are worth mentioning – one being the golf course (which is a primary draw for many of the guests who come for a golfing holiday). It won’t surprise you to know that we didn’t play any golf πŸ˜…, however, we did eat a very good lunch in the restaurant at the golf club, which was also included in the package we were on.

The last piece to mention is the gorgeous Chateau, a 19th Century property on the hotel grounds that serves as a standalone restaurant and events space.

The Chateau is available for lunch or dinner, and its immediate gardens are also a beautiful place to walk around and explore.

The dining

There are an incredible 15 or so dining and bar options available, across both Heritage Le Telfair, and its adjoining property, the Awali.

Aside from enjoying the high quality of food available, it was really noticeable how having a multitude of different options available really elevated our experience at Le Telfair.

Your every culinary delight is taken care of – whether you fancy a steak, amazing sushi and sashimi, a good curry, or fresh Mauritian seafood dishes. The choice was definitely above expectations! Here is a small selection of some of the variety you can expect:

Room service was also included in the package. Whilst the menu was short, it had the no-fuss staples you’d expect, like sandwiches, chips, and salads.

Oh and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the alcohol situation. Including in our package was a plethora of premium spirits, wines and other beverages. That I of course drank responsibly πŸ˜…

Finally, the other thing I loved was the man who would serve fresh coconuts next to the pool 😍 Top tip: get a fresh coconut!

The spa

On a rare cloudy day, we decided to make use of the spa facilities, which are set in a more secluded area of the resort, and have their own enclosed grounds.

We had a couple of treatments, and also made use of their incredibly relaxing lounge area, that includes a small pool.

Definitely a good use of time if its not super sunny for a few hours (which did happen a couple of times on the trip), but be aware that the spa treatments cost extra. Prices were on the relatively costly side, in line what I would expect a hotel of this calibre to charge.

The pool

Real talk – we didn’t actually use the pool that much, because the sea was so perfect. But, for those who really like a pool, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

It’s a good sized pool, with cabanas and loungers lining the edges. The pool is also situated right next to the beach, so you can use both interchangeably pretty easily.

There’s also a bar and kitchen right there so not only do you get the heavenly smells wafting over the pool, but its super easy to get a drink or pool snacks.

The sea + beach

I couldn’t wait to get the beach and to the sea, after a few days in Lakaz Chamarel. I had heard the best things about the Indian Ocean – the golden sands, how clear the water would be, the warm sea temperatures, as well as how it would be teeming with marine life, being situated near the coral.

It really didn’t disappoint – on every level. Here are a selection of photos of the beach at Le Telfair, most of them being taken mere seconds from our room:

πŸ—£ Thinking of booking? Here’s what you need to know

We had an unbelievable stay at Heritage Le Telfair. We really didn’t want to leave, even though we were there for around 2 weeks!

In case you’re thinking of booking, I wanted to round up the main plus points and areas for improvement that I felt after my stay:

πŸ‘Œ Expect on point service, and impeccable surroundings

You’ll not want for anything while you’re here, and you’ll be very well taken care of by every single member of staff. Go for ultimate relaxation in the most gorgeous surroundings.

🌊 Ground floor, sea-view suite was the one!

There are plentiful options for rooms and suites, but we really did feel like we had hit the jackpot with our ground floor, sea-view suite. The huge private outdoor area that led directly to the beach was a serious win. Highly recommend.

πŸ’†πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Think about the extras!

If you’re so inclined, budget for some so-worth-it extras – like indulging at the spa, water sports (there’s a plethora offered from the hotel – we did a glass bottom boat ride and snorkelling by the reef) – and the big ticket item, taking a helicopter ride around Mauritius from the hotel grounds (more on this here!)

🍚 Visit all the restaurant options!

There are so many restaurants to choose from – my top tip is to book a few in advance and then leave later nights free for you to be able to revisit your favourites! Get the Gourmet Bliss package where you can eat at the Awali restaurants too, which will add a fantastic extra selection of dining options to the repertoire!

🏑 Make sure to explore all of the hotel grounds

The grounds really are expansive, but it can be very tempting to just stick to the short radius between your room, the beach and the pool.

However, if you do want to venture further afield, you won’t be disappointed. For example, Le Chateau is a short golf buggy ride away but so worth it!

Finally, if you have any questions at all about Heritage Le Telfair, feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have!

The next post in the Mauritius series explores the various excursions we did through our time in Mauritius! Read on!