I don’t know about you, but I know very little about beauty. When I was growing up, makeup and beauty were not really a thing. My mum has never worn make-up and is growing old just as nature intended.

Me on a night out at University.. literal definition of no effort 😅

I was also never particularly interested in that world.. and for years my make-up style was best described as minimal.

But in the last couple of years, my outlook has really changed. As I’ve got older, I’ve got really interested in looking after my skin, and I’ve also got much more into experimenting with different makeup and hair looks to really find out what I like.

The only problem, for someone like me, is that as I navigate the world of beauty I’m faced either with wunderkind beauty gurus who can contour and transform the fuck out of their faces by age 19 thanks to Kylie and Kim, or I have to watch as these impossibly beautiful glamorous and elegant ladies have their makeup perfectly applied by their live-in makeup artists and who have weekly botox treatments as standard.

Okay, that may all be a little exaggeration, but I do feel like there’s not really a place for me – someone who is just an average face who would just love to look a little bit prettier and a little bit younger.

Here’s where Beauty for Normals comes in. In this ongoing series, I’ll be sharing my journey as I explore the world of makeup, skincare, and hair products, and being open and transparent about what I find along the way.

I’ll be tagging everything Beauty related with the Beauty for Normals tag so they’ll all be accessible here.

You can also follow me on IG at ya_ell where I’ll be sharing Beauty for Normals vids on IGTV as well!

If you have particular topics you’d like me to cover, let me know – would love to hear what others struggle with!