I started to think about what theme my Christmas tree was going to have in October. This is serious business init.

I didn’t wanna go down the typical Christmas colours route, and I knew I also want to keep the colour scheme feminine and soft. I started by pinning some colour inspirations to get me thinking:

The next step was to take a November trip to John Lewis, to visit their beautiful Christmas shop. This is the chance for me to get inspired about the details. The thing I love about John Lewis is that they curate specific themes for their Christmas shop, that tell a full, cohesive story.

The theme I was most drawn to was called Sanctuary, mostly thanks to the colour palette. Light pinks, striking golds, blush tones, and understated sparkly elegance all combined to create a calming but still festive vibe.

I took note of some of my favourite decorations and later on, I revisited them online. I pinned them all to my Christmas board and then the hard work began of figuring out how to reduce my selection down 😫

I wanted to have around 5-6 statement baubles that I would buy sparingly, but that would really make the tree pop. These baubles all have to tell a cohesive story together, as well as bringing something different to the table so they each can stand on their own as wow moments. Without overshadowing each other though.

Once the statement baubles are sorted, I then knew I could augment the rest of the tree with ‘filler’ baubles. These are still beautiful objects and still in keeping with the colour theme, but are able to fade into the background more and let the statement baubles really shine:

The Sanctuary baubles set – tub of 30 available at John Lewis

The problem with picking 6 statement baubles was that I had pinned almost double that number, which would be far too many. This is where having the baubles pinned together on a Pinterest board was helpful, because I could easily see how they would work in different combinations, and I could start to peel off the ones that didn’t end up bringing much uniqueness to the tree, or the ones that clashed too much with the others.

I ended up with these statement baubles:

Which actually then turned into 7, because I couldn’t resist adding some extra sparkle ✨

More sparkle is actually NEVER bad

So I finally had my baubles selection! But any good tree, in my book, also needs a bit more extra bling, so I picked up some gold pine cone tree decorations as well as some warm LED lights.

/// Hold for waiting for all of this to be delivered 😴😴😴 ///

Getting a huge box of Christmas decorations was when I felt like the festive season had started πŸ₯³ I found a Christmas tunes Spotify playlist, put on my fluffy pjs, and got to work on putting up the tree!

My tree, which was also a John Lewis purchase if you wanna sense a theme, is as fake as they come, which is exactly how I like it because I feel like there is just less mess. It also means you can have cool trees that look like they are dusted with snow, which to me just feels way more festive.

Putting the baubles onto the tree is more of an art than a science. My rule of thumb is to just place things where my gut is telling me they’ll look good, and spend a lot of time appraising your progress from afar rather than up close, so you can really get a proper picture of how it will look.

Okay, enough words, here’s what the tree looks like now its finished!

And some up close shots of how the statement baubles look in situ:

My tree has been a source of happiness and joy for me over the past few weeks. I can’t tell you how good it is to come in from the cold and wet, into my home that is warm, inviting and lit up by this beast of a tree. And that makes all this effort worth it!

✨✨✨ Merry holiday szn! ✨✨✨