End of the Decade Top 10… Beautiful Humans

As we are rapidly approaching the end of the decade, I thought I would look deep into my psyche and figure out what some of my favourite things over the decade were.

And today, we are starting with my top ten beautiful humans of the 2010’s!

Let’s just dive straight in.

Number 10

Idris Elba. Luther, Stringer, my #1 pick for the next James Bond 😍.

Idris is a whole 47 years old, and is still making every other man in the UK, at any age, look dead.

Number 9

Zoe Kravitz. I’m convinced that it is physically impossible for Zoe Kravitz to look anything less than perfection. I mean yes she has impeccable genes going for her, but STILL. Also, I would love to know her skincare routine.

Number 8

Rodrigo Santoro, my Brazilian brother.

Known simply as Karl in Love Actually for the longest time, he’s recently been showing up in Westworld as the outlaw Hector, who’s getting it on with Thandie Newton. Lets just say a Stetson suits him.

Number 7

Henry Cavill. AKA Superman. And I’m just putting it out there, has anyone actually checked that he’s not from another planet, because… 👀 have you seen him?!

Number 6

Rihanna. Just by her mere existence, Rihanna blesses us (however, new music would also be nice, not gonna lie!)

Rihanna is constantly reinventing herself, yet manages to always look fly as fuck. Please tell me your secrets 🙏🏽

Number 5

Angelina Jolie. I actually don’t think a bad picture of her exists. This is incontrovertible. From bad girl Angie, all the way through to activist Angelina, her every look is always flawless.

Number 4


I can’t believe it but I’m putting Beyonce at number 4. I’m sorry Bey 🥵. This was a really tough call. Beyonce is the ultimate Queen, powerhouse, G.O.A.T. But I just can’t put her top of this particular list. She still beats out almost every other woman though.

Number 3

Anthony Joshua. Actually, AJ got an extra bump for being beautiful despite his actual job involving being beat up in the FACE. A true king.

Number 2

Kendrick Sampson. Perhaps a lesser known name than others on this list, but I promise you he does not disappoint.

Kendrick is not only a beautiful human on the outside but his vocal and persistent activism continues to inspire me. Those gorgeous eyes don’t hurt either.

Number 1

And then it comes down to number 1. It may be surprising, but my most beautiful person of the decade was actually a fairly easy choice.

I was looking for unparalleled beauty, grace and power, and really there’s only one person who comes to mind… Gal Gadot.

And that is that on that! 👯‍♀️

By Yael

Hi, I'm Yael - pronounced Yah-Elle! Born in Brazil, live in North London, but my heart belongs anywhere tropical! I own a tiny stationery company called Little Goat Supplies, and I spend all my spare time dreaming of prints and colours! My other loves include eating good steaks, tasting rum cocktails and finding good skincare products!

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